Smasher offers you 7 wooden BWF approved badminton courts. 3 courts are available in Perungudi and 4 courts are available in thoraipakkam.  We provide

  • Badminton Membership (weekday / weekend / all days) – Monthly or Quarterly or Half yearly or Annual
  • Badminton coaching for Kids & Adults (weekday & weekend batches) – Beginner level to Professional level
  • Badminton court hire on a hourly basics or a monthly basics
  • Hosting of your corporate Badminton tournaments
  • Corporate packages for Badminton

We provides extensive support to the players with the aspiration of playing professional badminton. Checkout the fee details here

Court Flooring

The unique design of triple layer suspension of the wooden flooring provides excellent Area Elasticity aiding player’s movement and jumps in the court. This kind of flooring is best suitable for kids in the age range of 6 to 15 as the ankle joint and knee joint are in the early formation years and the shock absorption and vertical deformation provided by Area Elasticity absorbs all the shocks and protects their ankles and knees.

When choosing the sports flooring, we at smashers did a lot of research on the type of flooring available in the market namely Area Elastic sports floor, Point Elastic sports floor and Combined Elastic sports floor. These flooring offers various degree of shock absorption and vertical deformation that are key elements for protection of an athlete playing on a sports floor surface and reduce the risk of injury.

Our panel of experts after analyzing the various types of sports flooring, recommended triple layer suspension flooring with anti-shock designed rubber boots as the first layer, 2 layers of hard wood runners (vertically and horizontally) and final layer of timber panels. The combination of the wood runners and rubber boot provides the necessary shock absorption and vertical deformation to supports the athlete’s play and reduce the risk of injury

Area Elastic


Area elastic floors deflect any impact over a much wider area and have much greater shock absorption and vertical deformation than a typical point elastic system.

This type of flooring is suitable for all level of players. Kids and Non-Professional players greatly benefit from the support offered by Area elastic flooring.

e.g. Double/Triple suspension wooden flooring

Point Elastic


Point elastic systems have less shock absorption as the deflection only occurs at or close to the point of impact and little vertical deformation occurs.

This type of flooring is suitable for professional players. Kids and Non-Professional players have risk of injury due to the resistance and lack of area elasticity on this flooring.

e.g. Synthetic or PU mat laid on the top of rubber sheets/pads


Each badminton court is adorned with 2 rows of Eco-Friendly LED high bay panel lights with anti-glare prismatic reflector on either side of the court. The lights are focused on to the court from 16ft to provide the best illumination possible. We are able to achieve between 200-300 LUX illuminations that can enable the defenders to challenge the best smashers in the game.

Colour coordinated walls

Have you ever wondered why batsman (cricket) stops the play during mid-way during the run up of a bowler and asks the umpire to facilitate the adjustment of side screen? Similarly, to improve the sighting of fast travelling shuttle the background walls should be coloured in an appropriate shade of blue or green. Painting all the walls in a darker shade can make the ambience of the place very dull. To balance the ambience and sighting, our panel of experts had colour coded the painting scheme, back walls are painted royal blue and side walls are painted Steel Grey.